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Stay Connected, Dynamic Workforce. Substantial Cost-saving.

WiFi networks have evolved from corporate environments to public WiFi hotspots covering large geographical areas. This has resulted in employees expecting WiFi connectivity where they work. WiFi has contributed to increased productivity in the workplace; no wonder, corporate professionals are banking increasingly on WiFi access.

This has presented a challenge to IT managers. Employees and frequent visitors to the enterprise, such as business partners, suppliers and guests, expect WiFi Internet access throughout the enterprise campus.

WiFonic’s solution makes it easy for visitors to your offices - customers, clients, vendors - to benefit from WiFi access. Employees can gain access using their existing credentials and work from anywhere within the campus. Roaming employees can directly connect to their company's network from multiple campuses. This not only increases employee productivity but also enhances the workplace experience and corporate image.

WiFonic deploys a dedicated guest access wireless infrastructure or leverages your existing WiFi infrastructure by securely separating visitors' data traffic. It manages authentication and end-to-end security, required to provide Internet access.


  • Enhanced user experience- MAC authentication & allows the user to authenticate with their Intranet credentials
  • Authentication & authorization - LDAP, RADIUS servers
  • Highly secure solution - Rogue AP detection, Prevent IP spoofing, Avert DoS attacks, unregistered user device detection
  • VPN support
  • Same user experience throughout campus, even satellite campus
  • Employee authentication using their corporate Intranet access credentials
  • Hassle free Internet access for visitors, partners and customer
  • Per-user bandwidth allocation with traffic prioritization for employees and visitors
  • DoT / TRAI Compliant
  • Internet Backhaul Independent
  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time
  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider
  • Technology Neutrality - Support for WiFi as well as WiMAX
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring
  • Service Metrics - 24x7 Technical Support, Customer Support, Business Support
  • Login splash pages
  • User friendly guest registration
  • Per user bandwidth provision

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