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Gateway Controller

WIFONIC NETWORK SOLUTION offers advanced AAA RADIUS server, internet billing system for prepaid – postpaid billing, rating and charging and subscriber management for all level of companies like hospitality, telcos, enterprise, healthcare, education and real estate. We offer advance access controllers with fully furnished guest management features and internet billing functions for hoteliers and single or chain of hotspots.

Gateway Controllers:

  • Nomadix
  • MikroTik
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PMS Interfacing

Property Management System (PMS) is designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel or hotel chain which provides all the tools a hotel staff needs for doing their day-to-day jobs – handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, and handling accounting and billing.

We provide PMS interfacing with:

  • Micros Opera
  • IDS Next
  • Lucid
  • Protel
  • ShawMan
  • SAP
  • Amadeus
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At WiFonic Networks, we believe the network is the single greatest vehicle for knowledge, understanding, and human advancement that the world has ever known. Now more than ever, the world relies on high-performance networks. And now more than ever, the world needs network innovation to unleash our full potential. The network plays a central role in addressing the critical challenges we face as a global community.

We provide PMS interfacing with:

  • Cisco
  • Juniper
  • MikroTik
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Access Points

WiFonic Network Solutions provide industry’s premium grade wireless access points that deliver superb Wi-Fi performance – they can be deployed as controller-managed or controller less APs, MIMO, dual band, dual radio etc. depending on the design, scope and scale of your wireless network.

Access Points:

  • Ruckus
  • Aruba
  • Cambium Networks
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Buffalo
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Firewall System

WiFonic Network Solution’s enterprise security platforms are available in both hardware and virtualized form factors, supporting the exact same next-generation firewall feature set for consistency and ease of management. Take your organization’s security to a higher level for better protection. Network-Based Firewall service draws on the reach and high reliability of your data to protect your core network. Stop malicious network activity in its tracks. Premises-Based Firewall Service from us provides a robust layer of security to help proactively protect your location’s perimeter.

Firewall & UTM systems:

  • Cisco PIX Firewall
  • Fortinet
  • Cyberoam
  • Sonicwall
  • CheckPoint
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Businesses today are transforming and seeking new ways to deliver value from IT. This is placing new demands on enterprise IT infrastructure. Cloud, big data, analytics, mobile solutions, and social business aren’t simply remaking computing, they are remaking business and they are helping to revolutionize the way that IT is created and consumed. Almost universally, organizations have spent the last few decades increasing their use of IT to support business operations.


  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve business innovation initiatives
  • Improve application and network service levels
  • Deploy new applications and technologies quickly and cost-effectively
  • Streamline mergers and acquisitions
  • Address compliance with corporate policies and governmental regulations
  • Manage business growth
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24x7 Support

Take advantage of our domain superior support services to keep your security strong, minimize threats, and free up your valuable network & server resources for other critical functions. We focus 100% security, 100% focused, 100% of the time. We’re global SECURITY experts and completely dedicated to helping your organization exchange digital information safely. Our Remote Monitoring includes Routers, Access Points, Leased Line & internet connectivity, Servers, VLAN, Mail Servers, DNS Servers, RADIUS servers, server health and other well-being check. The checks are followed up with a systems report and suggested courses of action in the event an issue is reported.

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