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Point to Point & Multi Point, Wireless Networks & Secured WiFi HotSpot.

The telecommunications market has undergone a major transformation in the past couple of decades. With WiFi technology being integrated into various modes of communications, it has led to a tremendous alternate growth of revenue opportunity to bundle various VAS for telecom sector. With WIFi enabled smart phones floating in the market it will definitely fuel the growth of mobile Internet usage .The telecom sector has thus completely changed, both in terms of coverage, and efficiency of services.



  • WiFi Hotspot Design and deployment for Internet access & 3G offload
  • Wireless Last Mile extension to customers or in Carrier Networks
  • Wire line and Wireless Systems Integration projects of any kind
  • Connectivity to Carrier/Franchisee Outlets [Stores, Relationship Centers, Connect Outlets, Branch Offices]
  • Mobile to WiFi offload services
  • Supplies of Networking and Telecom Equipment
  • Support for most of the Access points and controllers gateways on the market.
  • Customer management.
  • Prepaid cards applications.
  • Walled Garden
  • DoT / TRAI Compliant
  • Internet Backhaul Independent - Works with DSL, cable, T1 etc
  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time
  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider
  • Technology Neutrality - Support for WiFi as well as WiMAX
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring
  • Service Metrics - 24x7 Technical Support, Customer Support, Business Support
  • Captive Portal Login splash pages
  • User friendly guest registration
  • Per user bandwidth provision

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