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Next Gen Technology. New Age Properties. WiFi HotSpot Every Where.

24x7 Internet connectivity is fast emerging as a necessity among families. Apartment residents tend to expect the latest in technologies and value convenience and mobility. Upwardly mobile residents are generally computer and internet-savvy, willing to pay a premium for services that will allow them to access the internet at high-speeds from anywhere in their apartment or condominium. Wireless internet connectivity at apartments and in common areas can prove to be your differentiator in a market saturated with standard realty offerings. WiFi based amenities such as wireless surveillance cameras VoIP, WiFi, closed community social networking portal and video browsing are just a few among the numerous other possibilities the wireless world offers. While people living in your properties enjoy rich IP based services, WiFonic enables you to explore profitable revenue share opportunities.


  • Ethernet to home
  • Secure AP managed WiFi
  • WiFi in common areas
  • Sub-accounts facility - Separate accounts for family members to access the network simultaneously
  • On-site support engineer
  • Other VAS, VoIP , Multiplayer Gaming
  • Closed community social networking portal
  • VPN support, VLAN support, Public IP support
  • WiFi enabled surveillance cameras
  • Flexible pricing
  • Additional revenue
  • Advanced Security
  • Differentiated service / Increased customer satisfaction
  • Customized residential services
  • Easy user access and automated customer billing
  • Turnkey solution for fast and easy deployment
  • Scalability
  • Complete network management
  • DoT / TRAI Compliant
  • Internet Backhaul Independent - Works with DSL, cable, T1 etc
  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time
  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider
  • Technology Neutrality
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring
  • Service Metrics - 24x7 Technical Support, Customer Support, Business Support
  • Login splash pages
  • User friendly guest registration
  • Per user bandwidth provision

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