Cloud AAA

Cloud AAA

The concerns of most companies certainly see a business benefit to a pay-as-you-go model for computing resources, security concerns seem always to appear at the top of surveys regarding cloud computing which includes authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) services; encryption; storage; security breaches; regulatory compliance; location of data and users; and other risks associated with isolating sensitive corporate data.  Add to this array of concerns the potential loss of control over your data, and the cloud model starts to get a little scary.  No matter where your applications live in the cloud or how they are being served, one theme is consistent: You are hosting and delivering your critical data at a third-party location, not within your four walls, and keeping that data safe is a top priority.

Performance, scalability, and shared resources were the primary focus of initial cloud offerings. While this is still a major attraction, cloud computing has matured and established itself as yet another option for IT. One of the biggest areas of concern for both cloud vendors and customers alike is strong authentication, authorization, and encryption of data to and from the cloud.  Users and administrators alike need to be authenticated—with strong or two-factor authentication—to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to access data.  And, the data itself needs to be segmented to ensure there is no leakage to other users or systems.  Most experts agree that AAA services along with secure, encrypted tunnels to manage your cloud infrastructure should be at the top of the basic cloud services offered by vendors.

WiFonic Cloud AAA computing, while quickly evolving, can offer IT departments a powerful alternative for delivering applications. Cloud computing promises scalable, on-demand resources; flexible, self-serve deployment; lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) ; faster time to market; and a multitude of service options that can host your entire infrastructure, be a part of your infrastructure, or simply serve a single application.



  • Carrier grade RADIUS server / AAA
  • Telco Billing Software
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Billing Software
  • Advanced Portal and Self care
  • Tiered role based administration
  •  Easy deployment
  • Full compliance to standards and devices
  • High Performance, Availability, Reliability & Scalability
  • Bandwidth Management
  • VLAN Supports
  • 4G LTE Provisions
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  • PMS Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multi vendor Support
  • Integration with Social Media Access like Facebook, Linkedin, TripAdvisors etc.
  • 3rd party API integration


  • Automatic MAC Authentication
  • Single Coupon for Conference Halls Access
  • QR Based Authentication
  • Login Attempts (Guests Wrong Entry Notifications)
  • Event Management Access


  • 24×7 Network Monitoring System
  • Email & SMS Alert
  • Email & SMS Marketing Campaign
  • Syslog
  • Customizations of various Reports
  • Bandwidth Utilization Graph
  • Splash page customization via Dashboard
  • QoS via prioritization of browser traffic
  • Walk-in- Guests Access & Reports